You will see the shop customization page.

Mandatory Fields 

Shop Name

The name of the shop will appear at the top of your cover image. Choose a clear title that will represent your shop properly. The title and cover image will represent your shop in search results your channel page, the Shoperr home page and more. 

Shop Description

The shop description should be concise, helpful, and interesting. It can have a significant impact on conversion rates and sales! It will appear at the top of your cover image, just below the Shop Name.

Optional Fields

On the customization page you can also edit the shop tags, decide if you want the channel icon to be visible, and add widgets such as videos and custom designs. 

Shop Cover Image

The image is important so that the shop will look good, if you leave it blank, your default theme color will appear with a random pattern. You can upload you own image or pick a free one by clicking “Find free HQ images”.

Custom Design 

You can set a custom design for this shop or stay with the default channel settings.

Product Description Card

A text card that appears in your products section. You can use it to describe your products.

Enrichment Card

You can use this card to highlight a product, a deal or add a design to your shop. 


You can embed a YouTube video in your shop. You can also add a video title and description. 

Note that not all videos can be embedded; it depends on the settings set by the video owner.

Public and Private Shops

When you’re done editing a shop, it will become public. This means that it’s visible in search engines and on our homepage. You can always set your shop to private in the shop customization page, and it will not visible unless you send someone a link. 

After you’re done with customization, simply click on the “Done” button on the bottom right of the screen to finalize your changes. 

Well done! You've created your first shop. You can now share your shop by clicking the blue Copy button. To learn more about how you earn revenue, please click below.

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