Setting up your channel

Next you will need to set up your Shoperr Channel.

You can find all of your channels on the "Manage" page, which can be accessed through the menu on the left hand side of the screen.

A Shoperr channel has default settings allowing you to open amazing shops easily and quickly. 

Each shop on Shoperr is identified with a Shoperr channel, and you can associate the channel with any social media account you have.

You are required to enter your channel name, description and picture, as well as at least one tag. This information will help people find you on search engines and on our platform. 

Take time to pick a color and headline style. This will be the default style for all the shops within the channel. You can later define a different color and font setting for each shop.

The channel image and style helps you create better recommendations and helps users  to remember and identify you or your brand.

Please note that if you do not choose a picture, your profile picture and style will be the appear as your default channel image.

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