Once a shop is ready you can start sharing it or sharing specific products by copying your links. You will earn a commission when someone buys a product using one of your links.


To copy your shop link, go to the Manage page and click on “Copy Link” in the Shop menu:

You can also use the Products tab. Click on a shop to open the Products tab and you will have an option to copy a single product link, copy a list of links for all products or copy your shop link.

Promoting your shop

In order to promote your shop share your link with your followers.

All you need to do as an influencer is to paste your shop link to wherever your followers are on the social media platforms of your choice, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, blogs, and more. 

Post the link to your Shoperr shop anywhere you please to maximize success. As an influencer, make sure your followers and subscribers know about your shop.

Earning Commissions 

Commissions vary from one platform to another, but usually take 3-7 days to appear.

When you get to $50 threshold, press the withdraw button on your dashboard and you will receive an email allowing you to set up your PayPal account or a wire transfer, and your money will be on your way.

You can also earn money by using our referral program. Click below to read more about it. 

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