Linking your social channels to a channel in shoperr is vital. It helps direct users to your social assets and adds credibility and authenticity to your shops.
In order to add to add social channels to your shops, you must first go to the “Edit Channel” screen. 

Do so by first clicking on the “Manage” tab on your left side menu.

On the “Manage” screen you can find all your shops listed under a channel.
Click on the 3 dot menu on the right of the channel name, and select "Edit Channel"

On the Edit Channel screen, you can connect your social channels from Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat or add your own website.

When you're finished editing your channel press “Done” on the bottom of the page.

A Shoperr channel has shops listed under it. When you add your social channel information, icons linking to your channels will appear on on the top right hand side of your shops and under your Shoperr channel.

Users can then find your social channels from your shop or via the Shoperr Mall.

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